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Infrared Sauna


Are you ready to escape to a place of calm, serenity and well-being? Experience the warmth and tranquility of an infrared sauna to revitalize your spirit. Whether you are looking for a one-time treatment, or a sauna package, we care here to meet your needs. 

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Use

Infrared Sauna’s have been linked to countless health and wellness advantages including being an effective method of detoxing oneself. Benefits of regular sauna use include relief of symptoms relating to muscle and joint pain, arthritis, eczema psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Regular infrared sauna users can expect, lower blood pressure, weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and circulation, increased energy, increased flexibility and range of motion, relaxation and stress relief. 



5-10 min - you start sweating and excreting toxins 


12 min - heart rate elevation 


15 min - white blood cell count increases 


15 min - growth hormone increases 5x


20 min - cardiovascular benefits kick in


20-30 min - heat shock protein response 


30 min - blood sugar reduction/insulin sensitivity improves 




45 min - risk of dehydration


> 60 min - excessive loss of minerals and risk of heat stroke

Please remember to thoroughly hydrate yourself after visiting our sauna.

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